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Architecture firm Lazzari

I study in Milan and take the artistic maturity in high school "Beato Angelico" in Milan.
I enrolled at the faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic and I graduate in Architecture December 21, 1989.
On April 19, 1990 I pass the state exam in Milan and I admit to Milan Order of Architects, N° 6428.
I start to carry out the work as a freelance in Milan, as a collaborator of my dear friend, the architect . I learn to work with him, we go to Africa to built a resort in Mombasa, we realize a project for a large residential and commercial complex in Solaro, and I follow him in all his works. 
Beginning to move on the Ligurian coast always with Giuseppe and we achieve a disco in Alassio.
In that period of work I'm going to make a pleasure trip to Barcelona and when I return changes my whole view of how to want to be an architect. I'll take another sabbatical month and I go to a family friend living in Paris and stay here in France for nearly a month. Here begins what I feel and still feel for the area and the French heritage building, then I return to Milan and start working as a freelancer in my town. In 1992 I move in Versilia where I start and continue to this day to work in Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio always collaborating with Lorenzo Marchetti, a friend, a colleague and a great mentor.
In 1996, I have the great fortune to meet Luigi in Milan that takes me for the first time on the border of the French Riviera to renovate his villa in Mortola Superiore. On the Riviera I know and became a close friend of Andrea, Milly and Roberta with which I will realize the first works in Ventimiglia. In Menton I have the great opportunity to know Franco  Lanza that will teach me everything I know about the French law.
In these same years, Louis and Kay will enable me to work with them behind the Hotel Negresco in Nice in the complete renovation of the Villa Belle Epoque, a work that will be performed under the supervision of the Batiment de France, since the house was under constraint Monumental. With this order I fall in love of the French Riviera until the point of thinking move here to live. I take a house in Castellar, a medieval Village of the '500, and I completely restructured the house: at the street level I made a space for professional use and on the first and second floor I realize my home, and send all documentation to subscribe to the Order of Marseille.
Then the life takes a different direction and I return to live and work in Milan, but also continuing to work constantly on the border and on the French coast. Milan in the years 1990-2000 gives me different opportunities and thanking all my friends I  resume to work in the renovation of apartments in Milan. Working in the homes of my clients I start to work also in their offices, in their factories, in their restaurants, in their shops  and showrooms and began an interesting series of works that have give me the chance to realize my and my friends' ideas, who always actively participated in all our projects.
Thanks then to clients, or rather friends, as Arturo, such as Luigi and Pupa, like Giorgio, as Luca and Gabriella, as Paolo and Barbara, as Stefania, Roberto, like Guido, Bubi, Gioia, Sissi and Gloria, as Patrizia and Giovanni, Mark, like Daniele and Iole, as Macio, as Fabio, as Salvatore, and all, but really all the others I have done together what they wished to have and that I wanted to do!
And then all the other work in Liguria ........... Marta e Pinuccio, Evelina and Alessandro, Riccardo and Cristina, Daniela and Mauro, Laura and Giambattista, Marco, Paola and Manuela; I stand here list them all just to thank them for giving me a chance! My professional career has also been able to develop with the help of very valid people who have worked with me in all my work in my studio, beginning with Paolo, Angela, Michele, Francesca, and at this time Chiara and Antonella. Without their help I could not carry on alone all work done in 24 years of work. So this site, created after many delays, because I've always been quite reserved, it is a thank you to all who have given me the opportunity to work with you and for you. For everyone else it will look for the first time .......... what to say, look at the pictures because they are the fruit of my work and the expectations of my friends .... this site collects only partially the work carried out .. everyone else I remember them as all of the names I have not mentioned.


Architect Maurizio Lazzari
Via Bianca Maria, 26 - 20129 Milano - Italy
Phone +39 3933352664 - e mail - VAT 09767330153

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