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le Trottoir Milano
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Year: 1998
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Le Trottoir, the sidewalk in the French Language.
Le Trottoir was a local "mythical" Milan in the late 90s; it was the point of meeting, leisure and culture of the period in which it was invented, so to say the aperitif!
Its designers were not only the costumers, but also great friends.
The atmosphere was that of the Milan tavern: the wooden counter, the wooden tables, taken in Tuscany with the two clients and the white glass ball lamps.
The floor to the ground floor was made of stone, while the upper floor was tiled, the ceilings were made of wooden beams and the walls were painted straw yellow.
So, who came there at least once if you remember.

Architect Maurizio Lazzari
Via Bianca Maria, 26 - 20129 Milano - Italy
Phone +39 3933352664 - e mail - VAT 09767330153

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