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professional makeup shop
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Year: 1994
Public places and tertiary

Professional makeup shop
It was the shop for theater artists and Milanese women that here could find everything they needed to makeup.
The project realized with my friend and colleague Fabrizio Guccione, was very innovative for the period.
The project was born after a trip to Barcelona, where it was starting to deliver something new and different than the typical Milanese architecture of the '90s.
Materials: iron left raw, finished and painted with transparent, clear glass for the windows and red velvet backdrops for the exhibitors.
Everything was made of iron: the long chest, the counter, the exhibitors and the particular structure that marked the surface of the long and narrow shop. The red marble floor, precious, contrasted with the iron, making the unreal atmosphere. In the back of the store was the place makeup zone.

shop entrance

interior view

outside view

detail makeup area
Architect Maurizio Lazzari
Via Bianca Maria, 26 - 20129 Milano - Italy
Phone +39 3933352664 - e mail - VAT 09767330153

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