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Bar California
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Year: 2011
Public places and tertiary

This is a place to which I am particularly related.
Dedicated by Mariella and Giacomo to "grandmother" who still presides the legendary local in Dolceacqua, the bar has been renovated using the same materials of the Ligurian tradition.
The tile floors (size 20x20) in grit with the same colors of the originals have been placed, as you can see from the photos, according to a design that follows the distribution of the local.
The counter was designed everything in antique oak and steel.
The front casing looks like the old benches of the bars in the area and in the French Riviera, but the highlight is the counter. As you can see from the photos it has a section particularly difficult to realize, but the carpenters who performed were great to realize what I had drew.
The table are made of oak with edging riveted steel and have a black cast iron base. The black chairs were made strictly following an old drawing.
The interior lighting has been obtained with the lanterns on the wall similar to those fou8nd in the municipality of Dolceacqua. The back of the bar is made of stainlees steel with handles also. The bottle rack is all in oak with mirror backdrop. The reastaurant's name is printed on the crown of the bottle rank, on a backdrop in black glass.
During the summer the shop windows open almost completely and allow the bar to become a complementary portion of the city.



logo detail

coffee machine

counter detail



detail lights

retail flooring
Architect Maurizio Lazzari
Via Bianca Maria, 26 - 20129 Milano - Italy
Phone +39 3933352664 - e mail - VAT 09767330153

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